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Earl Stenlund havoc at totalhavoc.net
Fri Dec 5 12:02:18 EST 2003

Have you tried the latest pre-release client? Symantec Corp is not catching
it here.

Earl Stenlund

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Mcafee has a problem with it now also.

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> Greg Lobring wrote:
> > Any word from Symantec on when their virus definitions will no 
> > longer think Dnet.com is a trojan?
> >
> > As of the Dec. 3 virus definitions, it still thinks it is!
> as long as there is/are trojans out there going around installing the 
> dnet
client, i'd suspect that the definition > will remain like that... the
question is if you can tell it to ignore the dnet client...

Despite my numerous attempts to contact them both through their AV
research address and customer service they've been unresponsive.  I
would urge anyone having issues with it to contact customer support and
express your displeasure with their product.

You can exclude dnetc.com through the exclusions setup, I'm not familiar
with the consumer products, we only use corperate edition where I work
so I couldn't describe how to do this.  However, 99% of our participants
don't use dnetc.com or need it.  dnetc.exe is where everything happens
and most installs run this file which is not currently detected.

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