[RC5] new win clients vs Zoned Alarm

Mike Burgess mike_burgess at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 9 21:29:12 EST 2003

bugzilla - I need another username/email/password like a
hole in my head.

So here it is:

New win client:
dnetc v2.9007-486-GTR-03111106 for Win32 (Windows 4.10)
dated Nov 23)
 Crashes the last 2 versions of Zone Alarm {Free}
  (it crashes the july and nov 2003 releases)

Win98 SE  (all service packs and all IE6 updates
AMD K7-4 (Athlon Thunderbird) processor
Abit KT7A-Raid mobo  767MB RAM

It's been running the last few years just fine, but the new
release crashes ZA hard, and it usually leads to the 
wonderfull BSOD.

dnetc v2.9007-486-GTR-03111106 for Win32 (Windows 4.10).
[Dec 10 01:57:51 UTC] Automatic processor detection found 1
[Dec 10 01:57:51 UTC] Automatic processor type detection
found an AMD K7-4 (Athlon Thunderbird) processor.
[Dec 10 01:57:51 UTC] RC5-72: using core #5 (SS 2-pipe).
[Dec 10 01:57:51 UTC] RC5-72: Loaded
CA:70D062A3:00000000:1*2^32 (2.70% done)
[Dec 10 01:57:51 UTC] RC5-72: 3 packets (3.00 stats units)
remain in buff-in.r72
[Dec 10 01:57:51 UTC] RC5-72: 1 packet (1.00 stats units)
is in buff-out.r72
[Dec 10 01:57:51 UTC] 1 cruncher has been started.
[Dec 10 01:58:03 UTC] Attempting to resolve

Error:  VSMON caused an invalid page fault in
module KERNEL32.DLL at 018f:bff7a388.


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