[RC5] new win clients vs Zoned Alarm

Mike Burgess mike_burgess at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 12 17:31:13 EST 2003

> Ever considered using the same username/password 
> for all 'unimportant' webpages like bugzilla?

Yes, till one didn't like 8 chrs username, and another
didn't like 6 chrs password, and the other insisted it
needs mixed chrs & alpha for password........
 Maybe an "anon" & "null" user/password could be set up.

Anyway, zone alarm, for every other program, see's 
that "The Program x Has Changed, Do you wish to allow..."
but when the new DNET.EXE ran, it crashed ZA, and pretty
much hosed the PC.   On the off chance I was not the only
peon in the world that this has happened to, I wanted 
to be a good 'droid and try to report it.


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