[RC5] errr... how will WW3 affect rc5?

Nathaniel Holland h-bug at angelfire.com
Tue Dec 16 03:29:26 EST 2003

Just a couple thoughts for the recurring discussion about the length of exhausting rc5-72  The equations people worked up left out the factor of people participating in say OGR and not RC5 who might be crunching rc5 when OGR is completed if we don't get another idea or people who leave for other contests distributed.net comes up with in the interim.  (make up some happy percentage modifiers per time ratio)  currently processors are only doubling density every 24 months (or so im told) despite the overall trend being every 18 months according to the revamped moores law if you count back to the beginning.  What would be interesting to look at is how fast the total number of cycles is increasing as technology becomes rapidly more available to people all over the world and make up some other nice modifier to account for that. plugging all these unknown made up variables into my beautiful equation we should finish in 4 years.....or 30 doesn't really matter to me.  Oops i forgot to
  calculate in the effect of world war 3 and the ensuing nuclear holocaust and how it will cause people to be more concerned about encryption again.  Oh well people worry to much anyways... ;)

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