[RC5] abandoning dnet :(

chandler sobel-sörenson scar at fugazi.engr.arizona.edu
Sat Dec 20 01:05:01 EST 2003

I think the press releases will be sufficient to tell you where the results
go :)  and I, personally, feel that doing this is more important than a few
buried files on my computer--even if that were the case, which it is not.
It's not difficult (in windows at least) to monitor newly created files, and
this installer doesn't create any files outside of the install directory.
Based on this fact I would conclude that it does not do anything different
on the other OSs.  I agree with you on writing it in C, however.  But I am
ahead of you :) I already asked them why they used java.. still waiting to
get a reply from them.

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> On Saturday, Dec 20, 2003, at 12:04 Asia/Hong_Kong, chandler
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> > Well after being an active member of dnet for nearly 5 years, I am
> > sorry to
> > say I will be moving my computing power over to the drug design
> > optimization
> > lab (d2ol.com).  fortunately they only have clients for
> > win/mac/solaris/linux so I will still be doing some work for dnet :)
> > however, I have decided this is a better cause for my idle cpu time,
> > and
> > just wanted to share it with the rest of you.
> Their client seems to be java, which means it should run on any
> platform. It also means that it runs far slower than it would if it was
> written in C, and C code is portable enough as it is, since it's only
> numbercrunching anyway.
> I also have a policy to distrust anything which requires an installer
> (not that you can't install things with a normal program anyway, but
> having an installer implies that somebody wants to bury files in my
> system, which is unnecessary).
> And then, it doesn't actually say where the results go. But I guess
> that's just me being cynical.
> - Purr
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