[RC5] RC5-72

Jean-Edouard BABIN Jeb at jeb.com.fr
Tue Dec 30 17:34:10 EST 2003

I am not sure i have correctly understand the problem and i'did not know php
a lot, but if you want to have
pg_query('SET STATEMENT_TIMEOUT=30000'); for all page and
pg_query('SET STATEMENT_TIMEOUT=15000'); for country page
I think you can try to test the evironment variable REQUEST_URI in
db_pgsql.php.diff and set 15000 or 30000

on 30/12/03 22:44, « Jim C. Nasby » <decibel at distributed.net> wrote:

> That would work if set_time_limit is what we were using. It won't work;
> the database connection would still sit there waiting.
> http://cvs.distributed.net/viewcvs.cgi/stats-html2/etc/db_pgsql.php.diff?r1=1.
> 7&r2=1.8
> BTW, anyone who wants to help with stats stuff is encouraged to join
> stats-dev at lists.distributed.net.
> On Tue, Dec 30, 2003 at 07:02:19PM +0100, Stanley Appel wrote:
>> That's easy. The time-out can be set per page in PHP with
>>    set_time_limit();
>> This overwrites the default in the php.ini for that page.
>> Stappel

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