[RC5] Participant Retirements don't work

Floppus Floppus at Chello.nl
Wed Dec 31 03:28:30 EST 2003

Pretire.php doesn't seem to work in any case I have encountered (4 different
cases) of which some were from a team-member to a team-member, and one was
from a non-team-member to a team member. I have no test material for
retiring to a participant outside a team.


First, which is only administrative; in the header is referred to the
variable EM, where in the code EMS is used.

Secondly; what have I experienced:

1) It's not clear (enough) to users where to use their ID-number or their

2) By default, the "project_id=8" is not included in the link, resulting in
a header which says OGR-25, even if the participant that is retiring only
did RC5-72. I know this has nothing to do with Pretire.php itself, but it
seems to confuse people.

3) When following the default procedure, a blank screen appears after
clicking the e-mail address to which should be retired. When looking at the
source of the page, the page is </HTML>ed as it should, but there's nothing
in the page.

4) When trying to look up the participant that was retired, it will not show
up, which would be normal if the retirement was actually done. After the
next statsrun however, the participant can be searched for as before.

5) when manually adding the e-mail ID to the link (i.e. &EMS=test at moo.com)
the page where the e-mail address to retire to can be clicked appears, with
below it the following error (the text only ofcourse, but this is where it
goes wrong).

$result = $gpart->retire($destid);
      if ($result == FALSE) {
        print "
          <h2>Retire Procedure Failed</h2>
          <p>Ahh well, i'll try again later...</p>";

I'm sorry that I'm not able to narrow down what's exactly wrong yet, but I'm
no PhP expert (yet ;)).

I hope this information can help the real coders a bit.


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