[RC5] New cores?

Greg Sigman sigman at ohio.edu
Wed Feb 12 20:58:37 EST 2003

--On Thursday, February 13, 2003 12:59 AM +0000 Karl <kjb at clara.net> wrote:

> Just wondering when we'll see better optimized cores for RC5-72. My Athlon
> 1800 machines are current crunching 4.3 MKeys/s but with RC5-64 I was
> getting 5.5 or should I expect a lesser key rate with RC5-72? Certainly an
> extra 20% or so boost in speed would benefit the whole project very much.
> Karl

You're doing great! My poor G4 saw a huge drop from ~7.1 Mkeys/s to ~1.8!

Optimizations will happen (I hope) as well as a classic Mac OS client (I 
hope), and the keyrate will climb bit by bit. There is no huge rush, 
though. Might as well settle in, folks, this one is likely to take a very 
long time...
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