[RC5] rc5-72 mac os client

aSe aSe at SysFail.com
Wed Feb 12 22:27:06 EST 2003

>So far, there is only a client for Mac OS X and it hasn't been optimized for AltiVec/Velocity Engine yet, so it is actually >quite slow right now. I have a dual 1GHz G4 just waiting to sink it's teeth into RC5-72, so I am looking forward to an      >optimized version of the Mac OS X client.
>I haven't heard anything about the possibility of a Mac OS 9 client so your lab access will do no good for now - unless you >set them to work on OGR which is optimized for AltiVec/Velocity Engine.
>I have a full size map of the world.
>At the bottom it says "1 inch = 1 inch."
>I hardly ever unroll it.

Its a shame we are nearing 2 and a half months and there still isn't a client for all platforms. I wish i knew
how to code. Would be nice to help myself to 45 new computers and help hundread or so others.

- aSe

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