[RC5] rc5-72 mac os client

David Dean siliconman at spamcop.net
Thu Feb 13 09:09:52 EST 2003

On Thursday 13 February 2003 01:16 AM "Robert A. Rosenberg"
<dnet at rarpsl.com> wrote:

> I disagree about the need to wait for the AltiVec/Velocity Engine
> optimization before producing a MacOS 9 Client (if the current cores
> are good enough to issue a MacOS X client, they are good enough to
> use in a MacOS 9 client). The client is composed of two parts - the
> cores (which do the actual work and is CPU Specific [ie: All PPCs use
> the same PPC core and all Pentiums use the same Pentium core, etc]
> and the Housekeeping which reads/writes the Blocks and files (which
> is Operating System Specific). Thus the old RC-64 MacOS 9 client can
> be turned into a MacOS 9 RC-72 client by just using the MacOS X cores
> (with the possible one time need to alter it to support the new block
> format - code for which ALREADY exists in the MacOS X client so there
> is minimal development time to upgrade those routines in the MacOS 9
> client base). Why this has not been done is a Separate issue (it is
> not as if there was never a MacOS 9 RC-64 client to get the
> Housekeeping code from).

    The problem isn't that simple sadly. There seem to be a couple of
showstopper bugs in the OS 7-9 version of the client. check out bugzilla for
details. It sure looks like dnet needs another mac programmer. If only I had
the time...


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