[RC5] OGR status

Richard Menedetter ricsi at gmx.at
Sat Feb 15 16:35:06 EST 2003

Hi All!

I was just wondering what the status of the OGR project is.

I have read the .plan files from "nerf", but it is still not clear to me where
we stand.
IMHO he is speaking only about the verification process, but it is said that
the OGR code in the clients also contains a huge bug.

So the question is:
*) when will the showstopper bug in the OGR code of the dnet client be resolved
*) when will OGR24 end

I would really be happy, if ogr24 is finished, and ogr25 work is useful. (eg
not a buggy client, which makes the data unuseable)

As a sidequestion I would like to know if there are future projects on the
horizont. (maybe something like http://www.distributedfolding.org )
[As I think that a rc5-64 clone which is 256 times harder to solve, brings us
no new knowledge ... and that it is a waste of time)

thanx in advance

:: 03-Feb-2003 04:49 GMT (Monday) ::

Thanks to Tom Lane and Neil Conway from the PostgreSQL group for helping
diagnose the problem as a known bug with large joins.  Now that we're
past that issue, it's a matter of tweaking and it should be in
production soon.

:: 28-Jan-2003 06:56 GMT (Tuesday) ::

The query that does the main import for the OGR verification is causing
the postgres process to die.  This obviously hampers development quite
a bit.

I'm currently in contact with one of the dev-team for postgreSQL, so
hopefully this issue will be resolved quickly and we can tell you how far
along in OGR we are.

CU, Ricsi

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