[RC5] OGR status

Christopher Hodson chrishodson at mail.com
Sun Feb 16 18:16:40 EST 2003

That Nerf guy is a bit of a slacker, but I understand he's been working hard
lately.  Here's a couple of quick answers to your questions

* Figuring out how far along we are is dependant on getting the verification
code finalized.  In order to know how many stubs have been done, we need to
know how to determine what "done" is.

* There was a bug in some older windows clients that has caused us to have
to ignore their results, and we're requiring that at least one of the passes
be done by a client that's fairly recent (at least version 8014).

My goal has been to produce a list (actually two lists) of stubs that have
been done.  However, a quick side effect is knowing how many stubs have been
done.  Note that another side effect of this will be finding people who are
sending the same stub over and over.

To keep track of our progress see


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> Hi All!
> I was just wondering what the status of the OGR project is.
> I have read the .plan files from "nerf", but it is still not clear to me
> we stand.
> IMHO he is speaking only about the verification process, but it is said
> the OGR code in the clients also contains a huge bug.
> So the question is:
> *) when will the showstopper bug in the OGR code of the dnet client be
> *) when will OGR24 end
> I would really be happy, if ogr24 is finished, and ogr25 work is useful.
> not a buggy client, which makes the data unuseable)

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