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> Of course I do not know anything about answers from the d.net-staff
> and I know I'm not in a position to demand a public answer, but maybe
> someone would like to put his thoughts about their project here on the
> list.

Running 10 boxes with  9) Load-work precedence ==> OGR,RC5-72
I've noticed funny thing -
my Work Unit Submission History for OGR-24

Date Gnodes
07-Feb-2003 2
03-Aug-2000 97
02-Aug-2000 53
01-Aug-2000 17
27-Jul-2000 485
22-Jul-2000 123
21-Jul-2000 536
16-Jul-2000 42
15-Jul-2000 88

so the verification is on it's way...
rc5-72 seems senseless to me, so I've trying as much OGR as possible, and
would be happy to hear something like "we know what's happened with it,
OGR-24 will be finished after fourth pass..." from d.net staff.
You are working hard, but please, kepp us in touch.

wbr, Me. Dead J. Dona
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