[RC5] new client with altivec

Christoph Kempen Christoph.Kempen at mpi.nl
Thu Feb 27 12:24:54 EST 2003


no .plan update for almost a month now. But now I can see why.. New 
clients are for pre-release..

And finally there is a altivec enabled core for RC5-72 :-D

Benchmarked it on a 700Mhz eMac

old client:		1.47 Mkeys/sec
new client:

[Feb 27 11:14:56 UTC] RC5-72: using core #7 (KKS 7450).
[Feb 27 11:15:15 UTC] RC5-72: Benchmark for core #7 (KKS 7450)
                       0.00:00:16.06 [6,953,549 keys/sec]

That's 5 times faster than before... Wonder what the new dual 1,42Ghz 
do. But I think 25 Mkeys/sec is a good estimate...



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