[RC5] Log viewer

Scott Christopher Dodson sdodson at eagle4.cc.gasou.edu
Thu Jan 2 15:37:41 EST 2003

> [Jan 02 17:54:54 UTC] RC5-72: Loaded CA:427020D6:00000000:1*2^32 (8.60%
> done) would be changed to
> [Jan 02 17:54:54 UTC] RC5-64: Loaded 427020D6:00000000:1*2^32 (8.60%
> done) so that a RC5-64 log viewer can understand it.
> I think it's better to get the sourcecode and change it to RC5-72 code.

I've updated both the javavis and the win32 native versions of the log
visualizer.  I'm simply waiting on some info from our mac java experts to
make sure it works appropriately on MacOS9.  Updated versions should be
available soon (within days).

sdodson at distributed.net

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