[RC5] Proxy Error!!

Dave Hart davehart at davehart.com
Fri Jan 3 12:16:06 EST 2003

You are experiencing a temporary outage of 3 of the distributed.net
keyservers, which happen to be the only three listed in

Until this can be repaired you could work around it by switching to a
different DNS name for port 2064 RC5-72 service, such as
us.v29.distributed.net, jp.v29.distributed.net,
aussie.v29.distributed.net, or asia.v29.distributed.net.

Dave Hart

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From: Nuno Carvalho [mailto:nuno.carvalho at ca.efacec.pt] 
Sent: Friday 03 January 2003 10:12
To: 'rc5 at lists.distributed.net'
Subject: [RC5] Proxy Error!!


[2003-01-03 10:18:37] Uplink: [1] connection to changed
                              from 0 (ESTNONE) to 1 (ESTCONNWAIT)
[2003-01-03 10:19:24] Uplink: [1] Socket error; (WSAETIMEDOUT): The
connection t
imed out
[2003-01-03 10:19:24] Uplink: [1] Closed connection to


------ begin of proxyper.ini -------

; $Id: proxyper.ini,v 1.24 2002/12/02 10:40:10 jlawson Exp $



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