[RC5] dnet is the best designed program out there IMO

Richard Menedetter ricsi at gmx.at
Fri Jan 3 13:25:14 EST 2003

Hi zwergelefant!

02 Jan 2003, zwergelefant at web.de wrote:

 z> But do you think to find primes has more sense than decryption?
yes ... much more
Prime numbers have many uses (not to forget encryption :)
But by decyphering RC5-72 there is nothing to prove.
We have done rc5-64 (and 56) and rc5-72 is exactly the same only 2^8 times
harder. Where is the sense in that ??

The problem is that OGR clients are still broken.
I'm more than happy that it seems that ogr-24 first pass has been finished
(after ......... days) but pass2 can't start IMHO as long as the client is not

 z> For something new i propose www.climateprediction.net or
an interesting project, but IMHO not suitable for dnet.
work units too big, and I think this is not a 1000+ member project.

 z> distributed folding.
This is what i *really* would love to see ...
dnet staff ?? how about talking to univ. of stanford ... maybe they agree to
include their core into the dnet client ?

 z> Or what about running nothing for a longer cpu live?
CPUs are soooo long lived (except when overclocked) that this is no problem.
The problem is the power they eat up ...

CU, Ricsi

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