[RC5] dnet is the best designed program out there IMO

Bruce Wilson bwilson at distributed.net
Fri Jan 3 15:17:11 EST 2003

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| I don't mean to sound harsh...But do you think to find primes 
| has more sense than 
| decryption? For something new i propose 
| www.climateprediction.net or distributed 
| folding. Or what about running nothing for a longer cpu live?

While participants get involved because they want to win the prize, or
prove a political point, or see how high they can get in stats, or
compete against their friends, distributed.net exists primarily to
discover and demonstrate the power of distributed computing.

In one sense, it really doesn't matter what project we work on, so
long as we are advancing the cause.  On the other hand, we clearly
wouldn't have much interest if all our projects were meaningless.

Not everyone thinks RC5-72 is meaningless.  Not everyone believes OGR
is meaningless.

For what it's worth, the Cosm technology used to support folding at home
is written by a former distributed.net staffer (co-founder, if I
recall correctly).  Cosm parted ways with distributed.net several
years ago by mutual agreement.  The differences ran deep enough that
there is unlikely to be any partnership in the future.

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