[RC5] New(ish) command line switch - multiok

James Spinks jspinks at spamcop.net
Mon Jan 6 16:07:00 EST 2003


While 'experimenting' with my client, I noticed the following option (which
I assume is new as I've never seen it before)...

-multiok[=|:][0|1] allow/disallow multiple instances of the client to run
                   The default is 'allow' for all platforms but Windows.

Now this is cool, I mentioned in a previous post that I'd like to be able to
do this under Windows in a similar fashion to the way I can under *nix.

The questions are though...  I've tried running a second copy of the client
with this switch but on luck (my first copy is running as a service).  So, I
assume that the switch has to be passed to the first copy in order for it to
allow the following copies to start up.  Can I pass command line switches to
NT services (I seem to remember that I couldn't last time I tried)?  I
assume that setting the environment variable won't work as the services
startup before my session is created, so that only leaves the dnetc.ini -
but, I can't find any clue in the docs or on the site as to how to specify
this parameter in the ini file...

Secondly, does this allow me to run two NT service instances of the client?
 Or does it only allow either a mixture of interactive/service or
interactive only?

Any pointers?

James Spinks
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