[RC5] Checking a bad proc..

aSe aSe at SysFail.com
Tue Jan 7 23:11:44 EST 2003

A friend of mine had a dual 1400+ athlon system. The pump running the water cooling died and damaged both procs. They work fine, and even boot up unless u try to watch videos or view jpeg files. So they were given to me for free. I'd really like to setup a system using them to help crunch keys. However, I'm worried that when running dnetds client. It might on some slim chance discover the right key but, because of the damaged procs it won't return it as passing.

So, long story short. Is there any way to test the procs with dnet's client and see if the core it selects is working right. Like if u were to test and see if a Hd was good/bad By coping a file over and crc checking it. Kind of a long shot but, I don't want to let these semi-damaged procs go to waste.

Gordon Keesler [aSe at SysFail.com]

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