[RC5] Doing RC5 and OCR

James Spinks jspinks at spamcop.net
Wed Jan 8 17:43:58 EST 2003

Quoting Toomas Aas <toomas.aas at raad.tartu.ee>:

> > If one doesn't already exist that I overlooked, how about a feature in
> > the client to allow a user to do different projects simultaneously and
> > automatically, not just as a fallback when there are no buffers
> > available?
> Isn't that exactly the current default behaviour? The client cycles
> through all open projects in the order you specify. Unless, of course,
> you have set some project's priority to =0 or are using some kind of
> additional buffer-level checking or dial-up detection options.

No it's not, he is wanting to set it so that _exactly_ 50% of his spare CPU
is spent on OGR and 50% on RC5.  There is not currently any simple way to do
that, but there are some options...

On UNIX systems you can easily run multiple instances of the client, just
specify each one to use a different ini file and start them up.  Each ini
file specifies a different order for the projects (and a unique checkpoint
file).  They will both run and split the spare CPU cycles evenly between

On Windows systems it's a little more complicated (isn't it always), you can
do the same using the '-multiok=1' switch to _both_ clients and then proceed
as for UNIX.  The big caveat for this is that it will not work for clients
started as a service, if you have a copy of dnetc on the machine running as
a service then that is the _only_ copy that will run.

Other systems, are probably a combination of the two above, but I have no
personal experience...

With two clients running like this each one can concentrate on a single
project and fall-back to the other one if they run out of blocks - sharing
buffers between the clients is therefore a good idea here (just make sure
you use unique checkpoint files)...

James Spinks
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