[RC5] RE: +AFs-RC5+AF0- Doing RC5 and OCR

Jason Hartzell jhartzell at arcataassoc.com
Wed Jan 8 10:29:06 EST 2003

Personally, my recommendation is to allow the dnet client to function in its
default behavior and allow it to run both OGR and RC5-72. Since OGR stubs
tend to take longer to complete I would set the buffer for OGR to 1 and the
buffer to RC5 at 50 or 100. This is what I do with my machines and I get a
reasonably good balance between the two projects without going into a bunch
of BS trying to make sure it is 50/50. If you leave the buffers at the
default which I believe is 20 OGR and 20 RC5, you will spend 80+ACU- to 90+ACU- of
your time on OGR. So just drop the OGR buffers really low. 

The only drawback to this, that I don't like, is that some of my machines
may not flush for one to two weeks, so my stats look funny. But honestly, so
what? These projects are multi-year projects, having my stats fluctuate
high/low every few weeks isn't a big deal.


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If one doesn't already exist that I overlooked, how about a feature in
the client to allow a user to do different projects simultaneously and
automatically, not just as a fallback when there are no buffers

Hence, I could set it to work on OCR and RC5 50+ACU- of the time each (one
day of OCR for every day of RC5).  Since I like both projects, I would
appreciate this feature.


--Fane, W5WMW


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