[RC5] MacOS9 Client?

Jeroen van Rijn jeroen at bytalized.com
Sat Jan 11 06:06:50 EST 2003

forgive my ingorance, but what would a pratical application of an 
optimal golumb be?

I know it's something like "1,3,6" for a short one... but what is the 
practical use of that except for theoretical mathematics?
if you would be so kind to give a short explanation of its uses, I might 
consider switching myself.


Michael Pelletier wrote:

>On Fri, 10 Jan 2003, Frank Eibisch wrote:
>>is it possible to release a MacOS 9 Client for RC5-72 in near
>>future? There are several G4 out there waiting for something to
>>do! 22 MKeys with one Dual-G4 should be worth a client.
>You could run OGR in the meantime.  Personally, I decided that the
>practical applications of the OGR search outweighed the miniscule
>contribution that my dnetc clients can make to the vast keyspace
>search of RC5-72, so I switched all my clients over to run OGR
>	-Michael Pelletier.
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