[RC5] MacOS9 Client?

Roger roger at efn.org
Fri Jan 10 22:43:36 EST 2003

Around Fri,Jan 10 2003, at 12:46,  Michael Pelletier, wrote:
> On Fri, 10 Jan 2003, Frank Eibisch wrote:
> > is it possible to release a MacOS 9 Client for RC5-72 in near
> > future? There are several G4 out there waiting for something to
> > do! 22 MKeys with one Dual-G4 should be worth a client.
> You could run OGR in the meantime.  Personally, I decided that the
> practical applications of the OGR search outweighed the miniscule
> contribution that my dnetc clients can make to the vast keyspace
> search of RC5-72, so I switched all my clients over to run OGR
> exclusively.
Well my miniscule effort helped in a little way to trim days off of the 
original 2 million+ days for completion.

Todays stats list 900K+ days to completion.

roger at efn.org
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