[RC5] MacOS9 Client?

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at rug.ac.be
Sat Jan 11 13:50:01 EST 2003

On vrijdag, jan 10, 2003, at 21:19 Europe/Brussels, Frank Eibisch wrote:

> is it possible to release a MacOS 9 Client for RC5-72 in near future? 
> There
> are several G4 out there waiting for something to do! 22 MKeys with one
> Dual-G4 should be worth a client.

Note that the rc5-72 cores for the PowerPC aren't optimized at all yet, 
so you'll get *much* lower scores currently (I get +-636Kkeys/sec on a 
G4/400 for rc5-72, while I got 3.4Mkeys/sec with rc5-64).


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