[RC5] oops -- how do I correct an incorrect ID?

Jonathan Ah Kit ahkitj at paradise.net.nz
Mon Jan 13 18:32:12 EST 2003


I'm participant 117465 -- that's ahkitj at paradise.net.nz. However, I've
just discovered for a very long time, I've accidentally been putting in
ahkitj at distributed.net (participant 386987) for one of my boxes!

Is it possible I could get all 386987's stats rolled into 117465? I'm most
certain the box in question (some Debian thing) has all the logs to verify
that I own the blocks in question. Just due to my not noticing something
during installation (I suspect a subsequent change, actually), I didn't
seem to notice it seems it was the wrong ID -- I obviously don't have
access to ahkitj at distributed.net, so I can't grab that participant ID's
password. :(

Again, all help appreciated. If there's any more info I can post, please
tell me! I'm not going to lose sleep if I get a 'no', but I think it's
worth a shot trying to get my missing OGR and RC5 blocks. :)

Jonathan Ah Kit.

Jonathan Ah Kit - Lower Hutt - New Zealand
jonathan at ah-kit.dropbear.id.au - http://www.ah-kit.dropbear.id.au/
ahkitj at paradise.net.nz - ICQ#9747234 - http://www.electric.gen.nz/
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