AW: [RC5] old OGR packets

Horst Henschen kagain at
Tue Jan 14 23:29:38 EST 2003

Zwergelefant wrote:
>>i still have round 63 old ogr packets. old means they are buff-in from
the 473 client. because of the errors in the old client with ogr, im
unsure about that. should i delete or resend them, because there is the
possibility of the wothlessness of the results of this client, or can I
calculate them with the old client? import into the new 477 client
doesnt work because of the different format.<<

What do you think how many people join the project and than abandon it
after a short time with the default of 20 packets in their in-buffer? Or
reinstall Windows thus often deleting their whole disk with 20 ogr
packets? will have to redistribute so many packets anyway so IMHO it's not
worth thinking about 63 ogr packets too much.

But taking a look into changes.txt which comes with the client you can
see that regarding ogr nothing has changed. Some time ago there was a
mail on this list telling that they were working on the ogr-problem but
then CR5 was finished and became more important. So the "possibility of
the wothlessness of the results" still exists. Whether it's high or low
I don't really know.

Greetings Horst

2.9000.477  fix: os2: installation complete rewritten
            fix: os2: keyboard hangs, random colors after -config or
-help in OS/2 fullscreen session
            new: os2: "pause-when-running" enabled
            new: os2: more command line options (-shutdown, ...)

2.9000.475  new: all: contest rc5-72
            chg: all: new buffer format (incompatible with previous 
                      clients and proxies)
            fix: all: "pause-when-running": whitespaces between program
                      name and "|" were not stripped correctly.

2.8019.473  fix: static: rebuilt all static clients to fix CA-2002-19:
                    "Buffer Overflow in Multiple DNS Resolver Libraries"
            chg: all: increased buff-in.* limit to 2000 packets
            imp: x86: improved P4 RC5 core (ak-p7) (#2542)
            new: x86: detect latest Pentium III (#2778) and Athlon XP
            chg: linux: enable /proc/apm support for non-x86 (#2643)
            fix: all: processed RC5 random blocks even if RC5 was
            fix: amigaos: fixed problems with font requester opening in
                          GUI prefs window when clicking other gadgets
            imp: amigaos: can be shutdown by pressing escape key in GUI

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