[RC5] Not flushing on Win2k Server

O.Mico odjmico2 at wanadoo.fr
Tue Jan 21 23:07:21 EST 2003

same thing here on a win2k advanced server domain plus XP pro clients
server has to watch ppp* and clients lan0 to go through the server (
internet share )
ppp* is better than ppp0 or ppp1 if you have multi dialup interface (
multi channel ISDN with specific dial for each profile or so ... )

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I needed to tell it to use ppp0, works like a charm again :)

Peter Weidenkaff wrote:

On Tue, 21 Jan 2003 08:06:14 -0500

Jeroen van Rijn  <mailto:jeroen at bytalized.com> <jeroen at bytalized.com>


[Jan 21 13:04:32 UTC] Unable to create network endpoint

                      ENETDOWN: network down or not available


Just some possiblities:

-wrong keyserver?


-internet connection?



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