[RC5] Partial work saved during time limit shutdown?

Michael Pelletier mvpel at nortelnetworks.com
Fri Jan 24 14:29:21 EST 2003

On Fri, 24 Jan 2003, Fredrik Elversson wrote:

> I am perhaps wrong, but I don't tink the buffer work that way -
> the remote buffer are exactly just the "remote buffer" and the
> client fetch packets from there and save it in the "local"
> buffer. The only time there is packets sent back to the remote
> buffer is when the packets is finished. To use
> memory-only-buffers won't work with the packets not finished
> before 8 hours. I think the only solution is to use local
> buffers on disk.

Is there a better way to share buffers across multiple machines?
Can I just point the ini file to the same buff* files?  I thought I
was taking the right approach for this a number of months ago when I
set it up, but perhaps not.

	-Michael Pelletier.

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