[RC5] Partial work saved during time limit shutdown?

Fredrik Elversson sm7uge at spray.se
Sat Jan 25 00:14:06 EST 2003

* Install a client in a folder that all machines have access to. Configure
this client to fetch enough work for all your clients. This client should
not run other than when you start it manually to either fetch or flush.
Install a client on all the machines and configure them to use their own
buffer files on disk and use the no-running clients folder as the folder for
remote buffers. This way all clients fetch their work from the remote
buffers and put the work in their own individual local buffers. This way the
clients have work to do if the network goes down and are not depending on
the remote buffers until they are completly out of work. The only thing you
need to do now is to run the no-running client from time to time and fetch
and flush its buffers to keep all your clients running. You can make this
automatic by schedulding a bat/cmd-file or equivalent and start the client
with the switches -fetch and -flush.

* Install the proxyper. Configure all you clients to use the machine with
the proxyper as the keyserver. The proxyper will act as a link between your
clients and the keyserver on the internet. I am running this my self with
good results, I only "need" to check everything is okey once a week or so.

I am no expert on this, perhaps there is other ways of doing this, or
perhaps better ways...

// Fredrik

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> Is there a better way to share buffers across multiple machines?
> Can I just point the ini file to the same buff* files?  I thought I
> was taking the right approach for this a number of months ago when I
> set it up, but perhaps not
> -Michael Pelletier

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