[RC5] Partial work saved during time limit shutdown?

dan carter hedonist at win.co.nz
Mon Jan 27 01:37:43 EST 2003

Michael Pelletier wrote:

>On Sat, 25 Jan 2003, O.Mico wrote:
>>It is not a bug ! Packets remain in memory so when the client
>>close itself blocks being proecessed are not saved it's clear
>>and logical...
>But it seems that if the buffer-in-memory-only setting is set, the
>shutdown of the client should cause the partial blocks to be saved
>back to the same file that they were loaded from, in a similar
>manner in which it saves the completed blocks to the remote buffers,
>rather than being simply discarded.
>I'd like to avoid any disk I/O on the system other than its NFS
>transactions to the buffer directories.
I second an option to use in memory buffers, but save back to disk when 
the client exits.

On a particular machine i was using in memory buffers so that the disk 
could spin down for power saving while idle. The largest RC5-64 packets 
only took a few mins, so the disk would never spin down if rc5 was running.

However, when the machine was shutdown it would lose everything in the 
in buffers, and also the work it had done on the current block

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