[RC5] Partial work saved during time limit shutdown?

Bruce Wilson bwilson at distributed.net
Sun Jan 26 09:18:02 EST 2003

Um, I believe that's incorrect.

The checkpoint file is used for saving work in progress while the
client is running.  I believe it's saved every 10 minutes or N% of the
workunit (something like that).  A local checkpoint would defeat his
"no disk I/O except NFS to the shared buffer" requirement.  Since they
share the config file, they couldn't have a shared checkpoint.

I think the solution he's looking for is to use the remote buffers as
if they are local, and turn off memory-only buffers.

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| Try to use the checkpoint file
| then dnetc stores the unfinished blocks in there, when restarting or
| shutting down the client

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