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zwergelefant at web.de zwergelefant at web.de
Tue Jan 28 09:43:22 EST 2003

yesterday for example my own stats showed 1267 Gkeys and the d.net stats said 940gk. where are the missing keys? wrong calculated? one packet contains 4,2 gk (am i right?). so we calculated 219 (my stats: 294) packets (each 2**32k). where is the mistake?

the next question is why my blocks from Dec 04 till 07. i often asked at help at distributed.net but there was no answer. does anybody has the same problem?

i resend the questions because nobody answered.
my next problem is: since jan 24th i wasnt credited for my sent rc5 packets. it's around 400gkeys. who can help?
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