[RC5] [Dnet] Submiting new Third party Unofficial software / bugzilla nighmare

O.Mico odjmico2 at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jan 29 23:55:57 EST 2003

Thanks Andreas, i've submited a screenshot of the 'permission denied

Should i re-submit my product there ( as you said : > You submission
ended in a completely unrelated bug )

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> From: owner-rc5 at lists.distributed.net 
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> OK, I opened a new bug: "Add-Ons Product?" 
> http://n0cgi.distributed.net/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=> 3129

> You submission ended in a completely unrelated bug ... I opend a new
one (but couldn't select Product Add-Ons ...):

> Summary: Skeys and predictor

andreasb at distributed.net

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