[RC5] Internet Access Changes Prepare for Full Connectivity

Mike Burgess mike_burgess at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 1 09:47:28 EDT 2003

My company id locking down the firewall!

So what sort of protocol does RC5 utilize?  
Wonder if this is the item:

distributed.net client configuration: 
Keyserver<->client connectivity options
Use HTTP encapsulation even if not using an HTTP proxy?:
Enable this option if you have an HTTP port-mapped proxy or other
configuration that allows HTTP packets but not unencoded packets.
Default Setting: no
Current Setting: no
New Setting --> yes

Nope, tried it, and network just hung.  I'm open to suggestions.

Do I need to add proxy info - but this looks like the
proxy service that will be going away:
Real Player & ilk:  port 80
  And then there is the Browser - which may stay, in a revised form:
Browser http://proxyusw.trw.com/internet.proxy   

Mike “Full Connectivity”

>  -----Original Message-----
> Outbound Internet Access Changes
>Internet access will be limited to the following protocols: TELNET,
FTP, LDAP, SSH, and DNS queries.
> *	Outbound HTTP (Web access) is provided through the outbound Web
proxy service.
> This access should satisfy the requirements of most users. 
However, if you have business requirements for an application that
does not use one of the standard protocols listed above, you must
request an access waiver for the application in question.
> Applications That Will Be Affected
> Examples of applications that will be affected by this change are:
> *	Instant Messaging (e.g., MSN Messenger, Yahoo I.M., AOL Instant
> *	Streaming Media (e.g., RealAudio, Windows Media Player)
> *	Peer-to-Peer Services (e.g., Kazaa, Napster, BitTorrent)
> *	Remote Desktop Services (e.g., GoToMyPC, Timbuktu, terminal
> *	E-mail (e.g., POP3 such as Outlook Express, Netscape Mail)
> *	AmericaOnLine
> *	Network Time Protocol
> *	Network News

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