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Ralph Reid ralph at fingers.shocking.com
Thu May 22 08:09:58 EDT 2003

Jim C. Nasby fell across a keyboard, resulting in:
> . . .
>We havn't made a decision on how to handle this yet. Obviously, we could do
>like CSC or DES and start 'spinning our wheels', but since we must completely
>check 100% of the 'node-space', I imagine that we won't go this route. We
>could also tell the master to stop handing out OGR work after everything
>has been handed out; then wait a few weeks for data to filter back in before
>doing a re-issue. We could also start work on OGR-25 while waiting for -24
>to wrap up.

Setting a termination/reissue time while continuing on to OGR-25
seems like a good idea to me.  I am not sure what kind of time frame
(if any) anyone is hoping to finish OGR-24 in, but a reissue
deadline of 3 to 6 months seems reasonable.  This time frame should
allow for even many slower systems to crunch through their stubs,
while setting a definite deadline for completion of any given stub.
Perhaps OGR-25 stubs could specifically be requested when they become
available if a shorter deadline is desired as OGR-24 approaches
completion, so that faster systems could finish up OGR-24 as slower
systems begin working on OGR-25?

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