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Thu May 8 15:20:59 EDT 2003

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On Wed, 2003-05-07 at 21:29, Scott Dodson wrote:
> I'm assuming this was meant to be posted to this list rather than sent
> to help at distributed.net.  
> I'm not certain exactly how much java involvement there is with
> openoffice, however Java runs it's garbage collection at idle priority. 
> It's a well known issue that, because of this, java applications do not
> run at optimum speed when the client is run.  Anyone here on the list
> have a better understanding of the interactions of our client and java
> applications?

The majority of the code is C++.

> Sender          : pcm6519 at rit.edu
> I just started running the dnetc client. Just now I was printing out an
> 11 page document to PDF format with OpenOffice. With the client running
> it took about 15 seconds. With the client turned off it took about 1
> second. I would think for some reason the OpenOffice process is not
> running at a high enough priority level. Has anyone else experienced
> this behavior? How would I go about fixing it? Please CC my email in any
> replies, thanks.

Which OS? What other tasks running?

As you were printing to PDF: built in? Which OOo version? I assume not
built in (as it is working 'correctly' since 1.1beta), so what printer
drivers used?

How often have you tested this and verified these values?

As the garbage collector runs in idle (sorry, not really sure): while
printing your machine is really unlikely to be idle, so the garbage
collector is only run when you seriously run out of memory. How much

A lot of questions... ;-)

IMHO the idle running dnetc won't have such impact.


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