[RC5] Using Remote Buffers with Windows XP

Dead J. Dona unholy_undead at hotmail.com
Fri May 30 12:35:39 EDT 2003

> I run two computers with Windows XP on a LAN.  I want the two to share
> buffers.  This is because of a bug with the personal proxy that doens't
> detect a dial-up connection properly so my packets don't get uploaded
> and new ones downloaded.  I have a mail server that dials up at 19:00
> and I want the proxy to update, but it won't work Both of the clients
> are in \program files\distributed.net.

what xp? home or pro?

> I want the computer without the modem to use the buffers of the client
> with the modem.  Unfortunately I can't share \program files because XP
> won't allow it.

home edition won't alloy it, but at xp pro you must choose at explorer menu
service - folder options - view (second tab) and remove checkbox at "use
simple sharing" (or such). then you be able to right click at any folder and
see a "sharing" tab, where you can use permissions and such...

please, reply...

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