[RC5] Team ID renumbering

Jim C. Nasby decibel at distributed.net
Wed Nov 5 11:21:25 EST 2003

On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 05:18:10PM +0100, Slawek wrote:
> Jim C. Nasby wrote:
> > The reason for the renumbering is to give the 'high-number' teams
> > a more user-friendly ID/url they can use. If people with
> > high-numbered teams really don't care, then we won't bother
> > renumbering. If we do renumber, we will provide a redirect
> > mechanism so that all of the old team IDs will still work.
> > 
> > So, for those of you with high-numbered teams, what do you think?
> Wouldn't it be possible to just enable team master to renumber
> his/her team? You know, a button on team's page.
Yes, but that's more complicated than if we renumber ourselves. If
there's enough people who are both for and against renumbering, we'd
probably go this route.

BTW, if we don't renumber I'll probably recode team creation to start
filling in the gaps in the numbering.
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