[RC5] stats units

Floppus Floppus at Chello.nl
Wed Nov 12 16:31:48 EST 2003

At this moment, one block contains one stats unit. In the future, for
instance when PC's have gotten faster, the amount of statsunits (keys to
search) per block can be raised.

Doing so, the number of blocks that have to be transferred and processed
will not get out of hand (since a block only contains what keyspace to
search, a block will remain the same size even if containing more
statsunits). Stats processing will stay possible within reasonable time.

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> The daily stats display blocks per day.  The software shows "stat units".
> What is the correlation between the two?  I have one computer with 1000
> stat units on it.  When I flush this, will it be 1000 extra blocks that
> or more?
> Keith-
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