[RC5] Mac OSX client "Pause if running" busted?

groovyr at comcast.net groovyr at comcast.net
Thu Nov 13 02:53:04 EST 2003

>dnetc v2.9007-486-CTR-03090710 for Mac OS X (Darwin 7.0.0).
>[...] [Nov 12 18:47:13 UTC] 2 crunchers ('a' and 'b') have been started.
>[Nov 12 18:47:19 UTC] Paused... ('Safari' active)
>[Nov 12 18:47:30 UTC] Running again after pause... ('Safari' inactive)
>As far as I can tell, the client pauses/unpauses as expected.

Not for me and others.   Here let me just give you a link to an example

Nothing stops when 'Safari' is used or any app name I have tried.
I am using the latest beta and others beta and stable release.

>Could you describe what you mean by "Mac OS X client" ?


that client link and the next level down,  the pages there call it Mac OS X
Here are two links text from that page.

"Official distributed.net Clients"
"Pre-release beta clients/proxies for public testing"

each page lists the clients as Mac OS X 

also look at what you posted above.  You pasted in  "for Mac OS X"
from the client info via terminal it appears etc...

>No time frame yet. Writing a G5 optimized core is a nightmare, mainly
>because the increased instruction latencies adds complexity to an
>already unreadable piece of code (the 2-stages pipelined AltiVec cores).
>The peak rate of a G5 core would be near 10-11 MKeys/s per GHz,

ok and that is a nice improvement if doable

>i.e. 30-40% faster, providing the core keeps the CPU busy on every
>cycles.  Now if someone want to write an optimized core, the best I can
>do is to wish him a good luck.

Is the current core source code available to public? If so i know
a couple AltiVec guru coders that might want to give a look see.  

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