[RC5] Mac OSX client "Pause if running" busted?

Elektron elektron_rc5 at yahoo.ca
Thu Nov 13 06:03:56 EST 2003

> Nothing stops when 'Safari' is used or any app name I have tried.
> I am using the latest beta and others beta and stable release.

dnetc v2.9007-486-CTR-03110414 for Mac OS X (Darwin 6.8).
[Nov 13 10:52:43 UTC] Automatic processor type detection found
                       a PowerPC 7450 (G4) processor.
[Nov 13 10:52:43 UTC] OGR: using core #0 (GARSP 5.13 Scalar).
[Nov 13 10:52:43 UTC] OGR: Loaded 25/2-8-19-3-6-12 (115.74 Mnodes done)
[Nov 13 10:52:43 UTC] OGR: 101 packets remain in buff-in.ogr
[Nov 13 10:52:43 UTC] OGR: 0 packets are in buff-out.ogr
[Nov 13 10:52:43 UTC] 1 cruncher has been started.
[Nov 13 10:52:44 UTC] Paused... ('Finder' active)

And as the client tells you,

Please provide the *entire* version descriptor when submitting bug 
The distributed.net bug report pages are at 

It might also be helpful to give the OS version you're using (build 
number might be helpful).

>> i.e. 30-40% faster, providing the core keeps the CPU busy on every
>> cycles.  Now if someone want to write an optimized core, the best I 
>> can
>> do is to wish him a good luck.
> Is the current core source code available to public? If so i know
> a couple AltiVec guru coders that might want to give a look see.

Some source code is here: http://www.distributed.net/source/

It's mostly only the numbercrunching code though.

- Purr

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