[RC5] OGR-24 packets - I want MORE of them.

Dead J. Dona unholy_undead at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 17 04:43:20 EST 2003

>There have been 39,663 participants
>since the beginning of this project.
>19 of them were active yesterday
>and of those, 1 was a brand-new participant.

 >So who's these lucky bastards?

-people with BIG perproxy buffers

-people with REALLY slow pc's

-people that turned on their pc after 6 months of inactivity

-people who normally run rc5-72 and use frequent buffer checks but could
not connect to the network recently so the client did the ogr blocks that
we're downloaded 6 months ago and never processed untill now

so maybe d.NET staff reduced OGR-24 deadline to 2 weeks and throw more OGR-24 packets out to crunchers

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