[RC5] Re: Mac OSX client "Pause if running" busted?

groovyr at comcast.net groovyr at comcast.net
Mon Nov 17 07:44:48 EST 2003

>It doesn't work if the program is a CFM program (i.e. not mach-o, i.e.
>most carbon programs), because the actual command that runs is
>"LaunchCFMApp". I'd consider this a bug (because, say, Deimos Rising is
>something I'd like to play and have dnetc auto-pause). The fix is not
>to pass -c to ps.

yes but does that  explain why to get it to work even on mach-o
I had to do a set to app name in config then --shutdown and restart
of the client?  

This link has more detail


>I think this requires someone with both access to a G5 and tons of free
>time to write a core. I'm missing the G5.

I was thinking more of a tune up and spilt off on the core closest to the G5
altivec hardware implementation which IIRC is the 7400/10 and not the
7450/55 version.

>Please provide the *entire* version descriptor when submitting bug

I did sorta as i said latest beta client  But here you go with the hard
numbers for the box I was testing on   :)

dnetc v2.9007-486-CTR-03110414 for Mac OS X (Darwin 7.0.0).
Automatic processor detection found 2 processors.
RC5-72: using core #3 (KKS 7400).

sorta moot now that I figured out how to get ALL apps
to pause with a -shutdown right after you config.

>Some source code is here: http://www.distributed.net/source/
>It's mostly only the numbercrunching code though.

i will take a look.  it is the whole altivec core we need access to really.

it would be nice if cores could be setup almost as plugin's via some
dnetc API to the rest of the client code.  (note for all i know it is like
since i have not looked at source yet)


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