[RC5] 0.060 completion of rc5-72

Chris Jones fiddles at distributed.net
Sat Nov 29 00:03:18 EST 2003

If you know of any projects that could work on d.net, please feel free 
to write a core for it.

As for "why are we doing it" i believe thats been covered before, but i'll
retiterate them again anyway:

1. The most obvious is the prize money. dnet gets at least $2000 out of the 
   completion of RC5-72.
2. Its a project for which we already have the infrastructure in place for. RC5-72 
   is not a great deal different to RC5-64 except for the difference in cores and a few 
   small changes at the master and servers

Besides, we are still running OGR.

On 28-Nov-2003, Brad Tod wrote:
> Ok looks like there will be 0.060 % complete on the rc5-72 job.
> Now imagine you and 10,000 friends were cutting a lawn for a year and you only got .06% done, would you not start to wonder what kind of idiot you all are for trying to do this?
> Please for the love of God d.net creat a better project that won't take more then my life time to complete.
> Later,
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