[RC5] 0.060 completion of rc5-72

Ñåðãåé mss73 at mail.ru
Sat Nov 29 06:24:15 EST 2003

Okey, at current speed it would be nearly 1200 years to complete, but...

Moore's law
More than 25 years ago, when Intel was developing the first microprocessor,
company cofounder Gordon Moore predicted that the number of transistors on a
microprocessor (and computing power) would double approximately every 18
months. To date, Moore's law has proven remarkably accurate.


According to this law and taking into consideration constantly increasing
number of project members and their computers - project RC5-72 will be
complete approximately in 20 years.

> On 28-Nov-2003, Brad Tod wrote:
> > Ok looks like there will be 0.060 % complete on the rc5-72 job.
> >
> > Now imagine you and 10,000 friends were cutting a lawn for a year and
you only got .06% done, would you not start to wonder what kind of idiot you
all are for trying to do this?
> >
> > Please for the love of God d.net creat a better project that won't take
more then my life time to complete.
> >
> > Later,
> >
> > Brad

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