[RC5] 0.060 completion of rc5-72

Brad Tod brad_tod at yahoo.ca
Sat Nov 29 19:39:29 EST 2003

Whats in the works?

Christopher Hicks <chicks at chicks.net> wrote:On Fri, 28 Nov 2003, Brad Tod wrote:
> Ok looks like there will be 0.060 % complete on the rc5-72 job.

Ooh ah.

> Now imagine you and 10,000 friends were cutting a lawn for a year and
> you only got .06% done, would you not start to wonder what kind of idiot
> you all are for trying to do this?

No. RC5 is supposed to take a LONG TIME so that various other projects
can be FOCUSED on in the mean time. If you'd like to write another core
for the d.net framework that does something interesting, go ahead. If
dnet doesn't have machines tearing along on RC5 then there's no body of
machines to encourage to do other things that'd you'd consider less
idiotic. Some of us just like to show off how much spare CPU capacity we
have access to and RC5 serves that purpose just as well as cancer
research. :)

> Please for the love of God d.net creat a better project that won't take
> more then my life time to complete.

For now there's OGR, and there's supposed to be a few other things "in the
works". RC5 is just "filler". Complaining about filler not being content
is like complaining about saw dust not being a board. Ooh ah.

Unless you have the life span of a fruit fly I would be quite surprised if 
we don't finish rc5 before you're dead. Wanna bet?

I can understand the lag being frustrating, but unless you've got the
time, energy, and relevant talents to step up and fill in where the
current guys are "slacking" because of real life then all we can do is
hope somebody else steps up or the afforementioned real life becomes a
little less real. There's nobody PAID around here. It's a VOLUNTEER 
project. We're in this TOGETHER.


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