[RC5] 0.060 completion of rc5-72

Tom Visschers Dierickx/DATATEX/IL tomdv at datatx.com
Sun Nov 30 05:45:14 EST 2003

Hi list,

I join those that say that RC5-72 is a project to keep the DNETC going. 
RC5-72 has very little true benefit, if only to test how fast processing 
power grows and thus reducing the estimated time to completion.

The stats obviously are something for which most participants join RC5-72. 
Also, running over more than a few years, you can evaluate your own 
computers efforts to that of your peers.

I ran RC5-64 untill it ended, then divided effort between OGR and RC5. Why 
I ran RC5-64, for the stats and only for the stats. Now I'm onto OGR 
fully, though I don't grasp what it is we are looking for. Still, just for 
the reason that most run to RC5, I divert to OGR and will keep doing so 
untill its completion.

The debate whether RC5 or OGR should be given more attention, is mute, 
IMHO. You do whatever you prefer and other projects will emerge, they just 
take time to do so. I recall that on this list, debate was held what 
should happen after RC5-64 was finished. So now we that have it another 
discussion is started.

So, enjoy the discussion, I'll let my putes crunch away silently.

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