[RC5] Optimal core question

Daniel Quintiliani coredump0 at mercurylink.net
Thu Oct 2 21:59:02 EDT 2003


I see that you guys here usually talk about CPU cores. One of my 
distributed.net computers is a Pentium II 450 running Linux which (using 
the default core) goes at a rate of about 900 something thousand keys/s. 
However, I downclock my CPU due to strange heating problems to 300 MHz 
using a 66 MHz bus speed instead of 100. The rate after the downclocking 
is 600 something thousand keys/s. The program still detects a PII since 
that's what the BIOS reports, but I was wondering if there was a different 
core I could manually select that worked better with PII Celerons. (The 
processor still has the cache features of the Pentium that the Celeron 
doesn't have).

Another thing. Apparently I didnt see or get the message about the mailing 
list downtime (or I deleted it without reading it by mistake - I get quite 
a few mailing lists). Over the downtime, I had been trying to post another 
message over and over again (the response did say "The mailbox is full - 
try again later"). I also sent a support request which wasn't answered 
(the mailing list went up the next day). After the list went back up (I 
got a password notification) I tried to send the message again, but didn't 
get it in my mailbox tonight and went to the archive not to find the 
message but to find the downtime message, which also said that "the mail 
would be queued." I sent quite a few messages over the downtime. I hope I 
haven't ticked off the admin. Would you mind if I sent it again, now that 
it's cleared up and I know the list is back up? If not, allow in one that 
was last sent. Sorry for the accidental spamming.


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