[RC5] RC5 question

Daniel Quintiliani coredump0 at mercurylink.net
Wed Oct 1 17:41:52 EDT 2003

Hey, I see the lists came back up again, anyone know what happened?

Here was the message I've been trying to send:

 I'm fairly new to Distributed.net; I started this summer after having done 
SETI for a few years, so I don't know if this was ever brought up before. I 
was just wondering if RC5 will ever go up to the 128 bit secret key 
contest? This could be more useful, since most sites use 128 bit security 
today. I don't know if there are encryption laws anymore; I thought that 
they got rid of them a few years ago, but even if there were, you could 
restrict the contest to American users only, couldn't you?


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